Session 4
Apr 1, 2023
6:40 pm

Platforms and Elections

Are platforms equipped to take on disinformation amidst the 2024 elections in India and the US?

Platforms and Elections
Manisha Pande
Platforms and Elections
Meenakshi Arora
Platforms and Elections
Lyric Jain
Platforms and Elections
Huzefa Ahmadi

About this session

The upcoming 2024 General Elections are a crucial moment for the future of the two largest democracies. Discussion around the role of social media companies in combating disinformation, the importance of media literacy in a democracy and the challenges posed by disinformation in the age of technology are relevant today more than ever. The attempt through this process is to discuss effective solutions to protect the integrity of the electoral system and uphold the values of democracy while also assessing the preparedness of the tech industry in India and the US.